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The most fun, comfortable clothing for baby boy and girl

This childrenswear, which is already present in more than 40 countries, is designed in Spain and available to everyone. “Happy Fashion” means fun, casual clothes for any occasion!

We have been creating relaxed, comfortable fashion for everyone and every day for more than 30 years. Clothes for babies, designed in Spain, produced ethically and sold in more than 40 different countries every season.

Today we are present in more than 4,000 multi-brand points of sale across four continents. We work every day to reach further and further.

Our collections prominently feature colours and prints, as well as comfortable, easy fabrics that can be easily combined. These have proven to be perfect for active, imaginative children who are full of energy.

This season, no adventure is out of reach for the youngest family members, as long as they are wearing their favourite LOSAN outfit.

A visit to a farm school, harvesting vegetables from the garden, horse riding, feeding the piglets or collecting eggs from the chicken coop, our city boys and girls have become experts on country life.

Keep it real by daring to do anything. That is why our Getting Real campaign, for this Autumn/Winter 2019-20, will show you that fun can be found around every corner.

Get your boots on, farmer. Ready for the good times!



#LOSANGettingReal Fall Winter Collection 2020. Kids Clothes

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Nowadays, there are over 4000 LOSAN points of sale in 4 different continents.


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