LOSAN accessories for baby girls are always playful and energetic, just like herself! This is why they are so colourful and feature all those fun motifs and embellishments

If you don't know how you'll dress your baby... get inspired!

Unique accessories for baby girls

Explore LOSAN’s wide range of accessories for newborn girls at our store. Create the perfect look with these accessories designed specially for babies.Unique accessories for a perfect baby girl outfit. There is one to complement every style! Shop baby girls' accessories by LOSAN, specially designed to work in any situation, any time of day. Season after season, LOSAN keeps your baby girl’s needs and yours in mind. We’ve got your back!
The final touch for your baby girl’s outfit. A range of essential and enchanting accessories for your baby girl. Babies grow so quickly; we must be prepared; keep an eye out for LOSAN’s offerings for the baby of the family. In colours that match with the rest of the looks, invigorating their energy and happiness.


Brighten up their winter

Mix orange and pink and make a statement

We have fun by giving back

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