Step by step! Your baby girl grows moment by moment. At LOSAN we love comfortable, hard-wearing shoes, perfect for everything that remains for her to discover and learn. We’re one step ahead, but with you!

If you don't know how you'll dress your baby... get inspired!

The most comfortable footwear for baby girls

Explore the best footwear for baby girls, crafted with the modern child in mind. Find comfortable, practical footwear for baby girls within LOSAN’s fashion collection. A wide rage of shoes for your baby girl taking her first steps. LOSAN’s range of shoes presents a wide choice of styles for babies, designed to meet each of her needs. There’s something for every taste! Shoes are especially important now that she has started crawling and taking her first steps. From 6 to 24 months old, footwear is the most essential component in their outfits.
Choose from our large selection of footwear for newborn and baby girls in our catalogue, so that they can take their first steps in style, wearing the finest materials, hand-in-hand with LOSAN. Their feet will be protected, comfortable and ready for playing, dancing and living life to the full. Ready to take them to the ends of the earth?


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