The wellbeing of your baby girl will always be your main concern, and with LOSAN's jackets for this season you can rest assured, because as well as being wrapped up she will sparkle with new colours that are full of energy. Go for the cold!

If you don't know how you'll dress your baby... get inspired!

Extra-protection with these jackets for baby girls

The best outerwear for baby girls (6-24m). Keep your baby girl warm in these trendy jackets by LOSAN. Explore a wide range of baby girl jackets for those cold, windy days. LOSAN jackets have been crafted from different fabrics, but each of these designs are special, cosy and stylish, because we know each child has their own style. Expect cute rubberised down jackets and faux-fur coats perfectly suited for the winter season.
New trends in warm outerwear for your 6-month to 2-year-old. Ideal pieces for taking with you on those bad weather days. They won’t want to leave them behind. The designs and materials are ready for everyday adventures; for your peace of mind they will always be protected and wrapped up in the most on-trend, vibrant colours, full of energy.


Brighten up their winter

Mix orange and pink and make a statement

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