At last it’s the end of the day! After so much playing and fun times, you just want to be sure that your baby girl will sleep well. At LOSAN we take care of choosing the best materials and the cutest designs for her pyjamas. Leave it in our hands!

If you don't know how you'll dress your baby... get inspired!

The cosiest PJs for baby girls

Explore the best range of PJs for baby girls and choose the cosiest option for her first nights with you. Buy LOSAN PJs crafted with baby girls in mind.LOSAN presents a superb selection of baby girl’s PJs crafted specially for her. There is something for every taste! Find the perfect little number with a secure and comfortable fit ensuring a relaxing baby sleep. There is a pair of PJ's for every season, since your child’s nighttime needs vary as the weather changes.  But fret not! LOSAN’s got you covered. Take a look!
Everything is ready for the update of her wardrobe for the new season. If you are looking for a balance between style and comfort, you’ve come to the right place. With our section of pyjamas, your baby can expect dreamy nights of sound sleep. Sleeping time for a little girl between 6 months and 2 years old is essential, and pyjamas which feel comfortable and safe are key.


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