LOSAN coats and jackets for boys are pure happiness. The details on pockets and hoods, the colours and the fabrics chosen are a 100% hit, and they will make these garments essential pieces for your little boy aged 2 to 7

If you don't know how you'll dress your kid... get inspired!

Fashionable jackets for little boys

Find you boy’s new favourite shirt within LOSAN’s ultimate fashion selection. Premium shirts for little boys.Shop all sizes and styles from our outerwear range for children. All these jackets have been specially designed for boys aged 2-7. Contemporary clothing for happy, energetic children who dream of endless adventures and enjoy having great times with their friends. The LOSAN child is bold and energetic, just like his outerwear.
Boasting all kinds of details in the pockets, in the hoods and with the colours, these clothes are a 100% hit. Retain his personal style with this magnificent collection of little boys' jackets, each one with a detail making them different and original. And of course, we could never leave out the most important things: comfort and warmth. Choose your child’s colour and style! 


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