Bedtime is one of the most important times of day. After all his energy has been spent, you want your boy to rest as well as possible. Choose LOSAN to provide you with the most fun pyjamas in the best fabrics to encourage his sleep

If you don't know how you'll dress your kid... get inspired!

Stylish, snuggly PJs for little boys

LOSAN’s new collection includes the most playful PJs for boys. Check out our childrenswear selection and shop cosy, stylish PJs for chilling out after school. LOSAN’s fashion collection includes all sorts of PJs specially designed to meet your child’s needs. And there is one for every taste! The perfect sleepwear for little boys is fun, unique, and comfortable. Pair PJ bottoms with long-sleeved tops to keep your child super-comfy at night.
Pyjamas are an absolute essential in a little boy’s wardrobe. With this pyjama collection especially crafted for children, LOSAN provides a great variety of comfortable, resilient styles. A popular theme for prints this season is winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Will they dream of snow? We can’t be sure of that, but we know they will have a wonderfully restful night.


Pink + Orange? You heard it right!

This winter, contrast colourblocking is where it's at

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