The pieces in this selection are some of the most reliable and trusty of all. LOSAN activewear for boys is perfect for a school day, but it also works beautifully at the weekend, when he spends endless hours playing with friends at the park. Perfect!

If you don't know how you'll dress your kid... get inspired!

Fun activewear for little boys

Have fun exploring the ultimate activewear range for little boys by LOSAN. Expect exclusive sporty pieces for boys and only the best design. LOSAN’s range of activewear for little boys is comfortable and practical. Perfect style solutions for everyday wear. Create the most perfect looks with LOSAN’s activewear for boys. Joggers are reliable essentials ensuring ease and relaxation, while the sweatshirt is a classic component of the winter look.
Finding clothes for the little ones of the family has never been easier, with these modern and original offerings with the LOSAN seal of quality. The sporty look which you’re after for children, with original designs which ooze happiness, with their bright colours and exciting prints. Very wearable sportswear which combines great LOSAN t-shirts and jackets.


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