Shirts and polos for your boy are your obsession: full of colours, details that make them unique, matching all his clothes and also withstanding his unstoppable energy. At LOSAN we have the perfect range!

If you don't know how you'll dress your kid... get inspired!

Unique t-shirts and polo-shirts for little boys

Pair these polo-shirts and t-shirts with the rest of items in his wardrobe, and you’ll have sorted his seasonal look. Wardrobe essentials that every child needs. To finish off an outfit, there is nothing like these versatile LOSAN polo-shirts and t-shirts. Perfect components of any look, they will work on any occasion. Check out the coolest range of little boys’ clothes. With all the colours featured and all sorts of funky prints, these ensure comfortable game-playing and freedom to move about. LOSAN is all about bright colours and energetic hues for winter.
Modern polo-shirts ideal for children. Printed t-shirts, coloured or with original pictures.  Don’t miss the clothes with stars on them which never go out of fashion for little boys.  With both the sporty t-shirts, for a casual touch, and the polo-shirts for more formal occasions, the LOSAN collection comprises on-trend and vibrant designs; an injection of great vibes!


Pink + Orange? You heard it right!

This winter, contrast colourblocking is where it's at

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