The highest quality cotton and the designs that best adapt to the different stages of growth, that’s what LOSAN’s underwear is like! But also with the most fun prints and the most attractive colours. Remember, LOSAN has never been about boring clothes!

If you don't know how you'll dress your kid... get inspired!

Comfy underwear for little boys

LOSAN’s fashion selection includes the easiest, most comfortable underwear for boys, crafted specially for him. Explore the new collection! Find LOSAN underwear designed specially for him within LOSAN’s range of clothing for little boys. There is something for every taste! LOSAN underwear for boys keeps them comfy while at home or at school. Sock and briefs in bold colours, featuring unique slogans and fun motifs. LOSAN is all about playful design!
With LOSAN underwear for little boys, discover a collection of comfortable, resilient clothes designed with children in mind. Find pants and socks especially designed for children in the catalogue. In red, blue, yellow and black hues, at Losan we don’t like boring underwear, which is why your child’s pants and socks are so brightly coloured.


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