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Code of Conduct

LOSAN strongly believes in responsible work. We strive for an unbeatable quality/design/price ratio, but also for the well-being of men and women who work for us. This is why we have created our own code of conduct, which builds on our company's core values, such as team work and respect.

LOSAN is deeply engaged with society and works very closely with suppliers and manufacturers who share our vision and values. Together, we grow in terms of profits but also in terms of social awareness, and this is why they fully support our code of conduct and comply with its five provisions:

No forced labour. No child labour

No child who is of compulsory school age shall work in the factories. Even though that age varies according to the specific legislation of each country, employees shall never be younger than 14 years old. Hiring employees against their own will shall also be forbidden, as well as keeping their wages or documents to force them into labour.

No discrimination

Any sort of discrimination that affects work, salary, access to training and retirement shall be strictly forbidden, be it based upon sex, age, religion, race, caste, social class, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.

Working time regulations

Both hours of work and salaries shall comply with the legislation of each country. Workers shall never be paid below local minimum wages and overtime or extra shifts, which shall always be voluntary, shall be always paid in accordance with all applicabe existing agreements.

Freedom of association

Workforce shall be able to unite freely and shall not suffer from any discrimination for doing so. In addition, workers shall be entitled to negociate their working conditions in a collective manner.

Safe working conditions

Manufacturers and suppliers must take every necessary measure to prevent risks at work, so that all employees operate in healthy safe environments.