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Corporate Social Responsibility

LOSAN has a clear vision for the future of fashion. A dream where we keep bringing an unbeatable design/quality/price ratio to our clients and customers while offering added value and loads of colour to every Asian or European region where we are present. To make it happen, we will continue to ensure our code of conduct’s implementation and to collaborate with organisations such as Children’s Villages and Save the Children.

Our Code of Conduct


We want to work with suppliers who uphold ethical manufacturing standards. To promote our goal, we work side by side in the implementation of the code of conduct LOSAN has designed for its factories. We love creating clothes for everyone, but always responsibly and under good working conditions.

Our Projects

The promotion of children's wellbeing is at the core of who we are. That is why we collaborate with organisations such as Aldeas Infantiles in supporting children in need. Creating unbeatable products with great prices is not all we care about: we are also enthusiastic about giving back to society part of what society has given to us.

Animal Welfare

LOSAN keeps working hard every day to deliver on our commitment to produce ethically. We create 4 million pieces every season from a huge variety of fabrics. However, these do not include any that may involve any harm or cruelty against animals. Respect is the value at the heart of each LOSAN process.


LOSAN wants to work with the best suppliers in the world, with one goal in mind: to deliver top-quality products with unbeatable prices to our points of sale and customers. Working hand in hand with our suppliers is part of our DNA. Mutual support and team work are essential to achieve ethical production and overall improvement in all our processes.

Team Work

The over 200 employees who work at LOSAN come from almost 20 different countries. This informs a multicultural work environment which makes LOSAN's workday an enriching experience. People from different cultures located in different parts of the globe design international uncomplicated fashion for children and grown-ups.