Fun modern clothing for girls with a strong personality. Discover LOSAN's new collection! Fashion for kids to look perfect on any occasion.

If you don't know how you'll dress your kid... get inspired!

Clothes for girls with a unique personality

Discover LOSAN's Fall/Winter 18-19 collection for girls and feel the inspiration. A selection of fun, comfortable clothing to take them smoothly through the season.LOSAN's new fashion for girls gives you the chance to create plenty of different looks. There is one for every occasion! Pick from all colours and sizes available to girls from 2 to 7 y/o. Girls will be wearing fun, bright clothes by LOSAN this season, combining prints and ensembles that look perfect on any occasion. Comfortable daily wear including all of her new favourites.
Wide range of active wear, casual wear, chic fashion and daily wear outfits. You can combine all sorts of pieces such as jumpers, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts, and find the most unique looks. Girls will be wearing fun, easy garments, combining trendy prints with the most gorgeous looks. Always inspired by LOSAN's motto: dress easy and be free to play, hop and live all sorts of adventures, every day.


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