If you have your mind set on fun modern fashion for boys, LOSAN is the right choice for you. Enter and find clothes of naval inspiration, chic casual pieces or basic staples for stylish boys.

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Clothes for stylish boys. The most popular fashion right now and the latest trends in t-shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts, at LOSAN. A fun, modern range of clothes where you'll find everything from the most modern, chic garments to the most popular timeless staples.Our fashion collection features modern, comfortable clothing for boys and a huge variety of sizes, as well as party looks, surf-inspired looks, trendy clothes and stylish clothes. Here you'll find the latest trends and styles ready to be worn on any occasion. Because you know exactly what you want, and when it comes to choosing the look that works for you, LOSAN's collection is a perfect choice. Comfy looks, different prints and trends, and a huge range of colours and designs that accentuate the fun side of fashion. Discover our new collection featuring designs made especially for you.
Young wear with a modern, casual vibe. Bold fashion designs for boys aged 8 - 16 y/o, as well as a comprehensive selection of the trendiest, most popular garments and accessories. When it comes to choosing your looks, you know exactly what you want: comfort, design, quality, and, most importantly, uniqueness. Losan has the coolest t-shirts with awesome prints and slogans, essential go-to shorts, and those trendy accessories with which to finish your every look.


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