If putting your outfits together isn't always so simple, or if you really like having things made easy for you, check out LOSAN's suggested outfits. Now, all you have to do is choose those that truly match your style!

Unique outfits for boys

Outfits for boys. There is one for every occasion. On the lookout for occasion outfits for boys? Explore LOSAN’s online collection! These special outfits for young boys allow you to stay comfortable and adventure-ready while style is anything but compromised. Find formal attire for boys in LOSAN’s clothing range. There is something for every taste. Mixing and matching all the time can get tiring. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back.
Find in LOSAN’s special fashion catalogue the latest trends and newest pieces for boys. Create your look with separates for boys in every style, construction and pattern. Neutral colours? Of course! Edgy prints? You name it! Here at LOSAN, we know you combine your clothes very carefully, so we have come up with these genius solutions.


For adventure seekers

Born to Fly is a high-flying look

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