LOSAN Commitment

We like to think of ourselves as much more than a fashion company. We like to think that we can make an impact through our work, especially with children. This has led us to take part in different initiatives alongside experts in the field, thus contributing to education, healthy play and the overall development of children.





These are some of the most important projects we have promoted so far:



We have collaborated with Children’s Villages SOS for over 5 years.
Our support helps boost children’s development and autonomy through clothing donations, t-shirt workshops and special campaigns.


Save the children


One of our other main projects has been promoting reading among children in Bangladesh with the organization Save the Children.
With our donation, we were able to participate in the creation of Reading Camps so that every child who finishes primary school knows how to read.


Scopri di più su progetti:

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We have also carried out special campaigns on social media, allowing us to connect our brand ambassadors with various NGOs. In doing so, we played our part in helping children at risk of exclusion.