Maxi barrette.

Maxi barrette.
Maxi barrette.
Maxi barrette.

Maxi barrette.

Maxi barrette for girl. Hair barrette with a big bow. Available in different colours.

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Maxi barrette for girl In the Autumn/Winter LOSAN will have access to an extensive catalog ofaccesories. All our clothes are designed to be comfortable, to be combined, for fun following trends and to make a little happier every day. Fashion for day to day with a casual and fun touch in which combinations of color, prints and mixed fabrics are the protagonists.

Care guide
  • Turn your clothing inside out before washing and apply water temperature recommendations on the label.
  • Wash bold colours and light colours separately.
  • Hanging your clothes to dry breath before wearing them again is sometimes enough.
  • Try not to wring your printed or detailed garments by twisting them. Do not iron these garments inside out.
  • If you use a stain remover, remember to wash the whole garment afterwards to prevent colours from fading.
  • Dry-clean only when strictly necessary. You'll be reducing your environmental impact.

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