LOSAN shoes for newborns are always as cute as it gets, thanks to an outstanding choice of materials, designs and details. When it comes to footwear, we're all about practicality and trendiness, and a distinct LOSAN style to be worn all day, every day

How will I dress my newborn today?

The most comfortable footwear for newborn boys

Explore the best newborn footwear for early walkers. Find the perfect style solution for him within this range of comfy shoes specially designed for newborn boys. Explore LOSAN’s line-up of shoes featuring the most perfect style solutions for a newborn boy. Practical, enduring shoes for newborn boys that will work in every situation, any time of day. We only work with the best fabrics and materials in order to ensure maximum comfort and protection for your baby. We have taken care of every little detail, so that he can enjoy equal doses of style and comfort with each of these unique pairs of shoes.
Warmer, on-trend pieces for your little one to look stylish from day one, and also created to keep them protected in those important first stages of life. Footwear that can be combined with any outfit, any time of day, whatever the choice of material, inside or out, in this season’s colours, makes the perfect choice!


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