It's time to dream sweet dreams all night. Temperatures are rising, but fret not! We've got you covered with our LOSAN sleepwear collection. Our designs and breathable fabrics adapt to all of your newborn's needs. And they're just so gorgeous!

How will I dress my newborn today?

The most unique PJs for newborn boys

Explore this wide range of PJs for newborn boys. There is something for every taste. The most unique PJs specially designed for newborn boys. LOSAN’s line-up includes a wide range of PJs designed specially for newborn boys. Find the perfect style solution for him within this range of versatile clothing specially designed for newborn boys. Sleepwear is key to ensuring a relaxing baby-sleep. LOSAN’s range of comfortable sleepwear for newborns (0-9m) has been crafted from only the best materials.
These pyjamas will become a staple in your little one’s wardrobe. Children’s fashion designed for fun, for growing and for sleeping. Newborns need delicate, comfortable sleepwear produced from the most rest-promoting materials. At LOSAN, we know this, and we have created a dreamy pyjama collection!


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