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LOSAN activewear becomes your ally for his first 9 months: easy, comfortable pieces with a cool sporty touch ensuring relaxation. Check out these joggers, tops and sweatshirts for everyday wear

How will I dress my newborn today?

Comfortable, practical activewear for newborn boys

Explore LOSAN’s collection and find the best casual wear for newborn boys. Find the perfect casual look to dress him for taking his first steps.LOSAN’s selection for newborn boys includes a wide range of casual wear designed specially for him. Easy, functional casual wear for any situation. Designed for babies (0-9 months) and crafted to keep your newborn cosy and trendy.
With our activewear range, we achieve a fresh, sporty look for little kids taking their first steps. Clothing designed for active children, with comfort in mind. With informal and highly practical colours, shapes and prints, these garments are suitable for playing inside or exploring the great outdoors. They will surely be the wisest choice for you to watch your little ones grow day by day.


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