LOSAN trousers are perfect staples to prepare the arrival of a newborn into the family. You'll have something for every occasion! They are easy to wear and they feature cool designs and soft fabrics. LOSAN makes it easy for you!

How will I dress my newborn today?

The latest in trousers for newborn boys

A wide selection of trousers for newborn boys. Find the perfect pair of trousers for your newborn boy’s first walks. Explore our trendy selection of trousers for newborn boys. Create the most perfect go-to outfit with this LOSAN range of trousers designed specially for newborn boys. The mock romper is as fun as it is functional, a piece that is bound to become your go-to staple. Here at LOSAN, we’ve got your back!
Choose and combine clothes from our 0-9 month trouser collection, made from soft cotton and available in many fun colours. With fun prints and themes, these full-length trousers are perfect for growing comfortably when taking first steps this season. Your newborn boy will be comfortable and happy.


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