If there is one element of his look that we put particular care into, that's his underwear. And when it comes to underwear, quality comes first. On top of the best materials, our underwear boasts outstanding practicality that adapts to his every need

How will I dress my newborn today?

Top-quality underwear for newborn boys

Explore LOSAN’s underwear for newborn boys within LOSAN’s fashion collection. Cosy, practical underwear for your newborn boy’s everyday outfits. LOSAN’s line-up includes cosy underwear designed specially for newborn boys. We can meet his every need. Top-quality, practical underwear for the first months of a newborn boy. Here at LOSAN, we stand behind the quality of our materials and guarantee the best design. When it comes to your children’s wardrobe, never compromise on quality!
Cool, fun underwear for newborn boys: babygrows, socks and much more: in this season’s trend-setting clothing collection. Probably the most essential range for newborns up to 9 months. Pamper them with designs adapted to their needs; these day-to-day essentials are all you need.


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