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Organic cotton

This Fall/Winter season, Losan takes its first step towards the design and production of eco-fashion. We have created our first pieces in 100% organic cotton clothes for newborns.

A small collection of packs of bib & pyjamas in fun colours for 0 – 1m newborns, made from cotton which meets the highest quality standards in the market (GOTS certification).

Each of these gift packs has been carefully finished to the tiniest detail. These garments are made from pesticide-free cotton picked responsibly under environmental-friendly conditions. All labels and packaging have been made by hand out of recycled paper.

A small step for LOSAN which brings us closer to our company vision, the one we want you to enjoy every day.

What is a GOTS certification?

The GOTS certification process involves on-site inspection of fields, warehouses, administrative offices and production plants, as well as monitorization of any other steps that are involved in the supply chain or have an effect on it.

The GOTS certification not only ensures the organic cotton’s traceability, from the field to the final product, it also monitors social criteria such as working conditions and environmental impact.

To be GOTS certified, products and producers must meet all these criteria and offer their clients the best certified quality in the world.