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SOS Children’s Villages

The organisation SOS Children’s Villages is present in 134 countries and has helped more than 23.000 children in Spain so far. SOS Children’s Villages pursues the mission of supporting vulnerable young people and children so that they flourish and reach their full potential. LOSAN shares SOS Children’s Villages values, so we are highly proud of our contribution and our collaboration with them.

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In 2016 we signed a collaboration agreement with Children’s Villages. This agreement reflects our commitment to the donation of clothes from our collections to young people and children in this NGO’s programmes in Spain.

Under this agreement, hundreds of children being currently supported by SOS Children’s Villages in Andalusia, Aragón, the Canary Islands, Castile-La Mancha, Catalonia, Galicia and Madrid will be given LOSAN wear twice a year at the change of season.

SOS Children’s Villages family values and educational strive deeply resonate with us, so we are very happy that we have been given this opportunity to contribute what we do best: comfy, modern, colourful clothing for young people and children in these programmes.

What is a Children’s Village?

Children’s Village consists of between nine and thirteen homes. In each of them live five or six children of all ages who are no longer able to live with their biological family. In these communities each child is looked after by a SOS mother, a responsible carer and support educational staff. Our staff always ensure that birth siblings live together.

All homes have a similar structure, but decoration and layout are different in each of them. Children’s Villages have a sports area, a playground area and a multi-function room.