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How do we manufacture?

LOSAN finds the best suppliers in the world with one goal in mind: the creation of great products with the best prices. Our manufacturing processes have been internationally distributed, which gives us stability and great variety in fabrics and cuts.

In addition, we manufacture responsibly thanks to our own code of conduct, which ensures ethical production methods for every collection.

We work hand in hand with our factories to maintain the quality and inspiration that you’ll find in every LOSAN garment.
Many years working as a team

When we started our collaboration with factories in Asia thirty years ago, we were inspired by an ideal. We wanted to establish a work process that would allow us to work directly and closely with our collaborators, to ensure that every LOSAN garment retained the quality and inspiration we want to pass on. The bonds forged over more than three decades have borne fruit. Today, many different companies work hand in hand with LOSAN and have grown alongside us.

The enthusiasm we invested in LOSAN is as evident today as it was thirty years ago and this is now complemented by the commitment we have to clients and consumers. All the factories we work with in India, Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Portugal and Pakistan sign our code of conduct, committing themselves to operate in a responsible fashion in compliance with all pertinent national legislation.

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