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Team Work

More than 200 men and women of over 20 different nationalities are currently employed at LOSAN. Global communications are a big part of the daily work routine of all these men and women. We pride ourselves on our international spirit: we were born as a company with a global vision and we have grown in a multicultural environment where team work has been fundamental to our 30-year history.

A team made up of people from almost 20 different countries

Bringing our collections to more than 40 countries

A total of more than 200 employees

LOSAN employees are key to the success of our company. They are at the core of our business, from the moment a garment is designed to that where it is sold in a store. We work as a team, we support one another and we have a common goal: to create the best products for those who put their trust in us.

Our values inspire every single step of LOSAN’s supply chain, be it creation, manufacturing or sales. We strive for excellence through our strong daily commitment to our work.

We experience our company to the fullest and feel part of its achievements, which are our achievements too. We always try to offer our customers the best at the best price, and we apply economics in all our processes… we share that popular dream of making more out of less.

In addition, that multicultural environment made up of LOSAN people from over 20 different countries translates into an atmosphere of mutual respect for the uniqueness of each other. We are an open-minded business who fully supports women’s labour force participation. The proof is that 3 out of every 4 LOSAN employees are women.

Overall we are proud to say that we believe in what we do, we live by LOSAN’s values and we strive as one to keep growing together.

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