Our Values

“How do you do it?” is as important a question for us as “What do you do?”. LOSAN has four values at its core. These are the principles that provide added value to our production process. That is why we launched Happy Fashion, a project which aims to bring fashion to the whole world while keeping responsibility at the heart of all manufacturing processes. We want to create great clothes that are designed with care and skill and have an unbeatable quality/design/price ratio.


Our team is made up of almost 250 employees from 20 different countries. This cultural diversity can be found amongst our customers too: LOSAN's collections can be bought in more than 40 different countries and 4 continents. Thus, we design collections for the world always taking into account the specificity of each country.

Social Responsibility

We pride ourselves on being much more than just a retailer: we put all our efforts in supporting the people and the environment around us through our hard work. Over the last few years we have developed an internal value system and a code of conduct for suppliers. We have also invested in social programmes which deeply resonate with us. These actions are our way to give back to society part of that value our clients and customers have created for us. Together, we move forward.


Skillfully designed fashion for everyone with an unbeatable price. This is one of our company’s key concepts and we like to remind ourselves of it.

We approach every collection similarly: in a spirit of collaboration with all those parents who put their trust in us and with our over 4000 points of sale. We seek to offer them bright comfy clothes for everyone that can be worn everyday.

Fun and Creativity

We create fashion for children because we love their energy and cheerfulness. Indeed, the UN's Committee on the Rights of the Child officially acknowledged in 2013 that play and recreation “contribute to all aspects of learning; they are a form of participation in everyday life and are of intrinsic value to the child, purely in terms of the enjoyment and pleasure they afford. ” That is why our fashion encourages fun through its bright playground-friendly designs. We want to grow along children.