Casual, comfortable women's fashion on trend? You will find it at LOSAN. Upgrade your wardrobe with modern stylish clothing and plenty of classic options for women too. Find your look!

Stylish modern clothing for today's woman

Find unique pieces and the best of  today's womenswear in one place. This Fall/Winter 18-19, we have the latest fashion trends in store for you.The widest range of clothes for women, featuring an exclusive selection of stylish pieces and looks for modern women. The perfect foundation of any closet. Our fashion designs are the perfect pieces with which to create the daily looks of even the most demanding of customers. LOSAN's new collection brings you plenty of different shorts, shirts, jackets and t-shirts in different colours, with different prints and designs.
Discover this new collection of urban clothing and classic fashion, which includes garments for a special day and the trendiest shirts, jackets, shorts, jumpers and dresses, as well as every LOSAN look you have been dreaming of. Losan clothing has been designed for a determined, charismatic woman with lots of style, and its top-quality fabrics and the comfort it offers makes it even more special. These ensembles will look amazing on the modern Losan woman.


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The coolest look features lions and palm trees

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