Girls like you (and us!) love to wear casual activewear that looks great inside and outside the gym. Have a look at these gorgeous leggings, tops, sweatshirts and shorts... We are sure you'll be wearing them a lot!

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LOSAN’s activewear for women helps you to create trusty looks that you can wear on any occasion. Check out LOSAN’s special range of activewear for women. Casual occasions call for casual attire: check out LOSAN’s wide range of casual clothing made specially for women. Comfortable, versatile clothes that can meet your every need. We know you put comfort first, so we have come up with a wearable range of pieces finished with bold prints and the occasional pop of colour. Stylish casual at its best!
On the lookout for women’s activewear? Enjoy these comfy, practical pieces by LOSAN, designed specially for you. Create the look you want to wear with LOSAN’s casual, sporty clothes. We have taken each of these to the next level, so that you can wear casual, sporty pieces both in and outside of the gym. Style them every day!


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